"Blood Songs"--Poetry Chapbook. Limited run of 50 copies.

from Wyndreth/SavageDaughter/Shieldmaid

Eight poems in a series arranged in a chapbook handmade from start to finish by the artist.

That's right--everything from the writing of the poetry and design, to the formatting/printing/material selection, assembly, and hand-stitched binding--completed entirely by hand by Wyndreth/Savage Daughter/Shieldmaid (Karen Kahan) in her Savage Studio. One at a time.

"Blood Songs" is a collection of poems outlining a journey of blood--literally and figuratively-- with both universal applicability and a heathen bend. Titles include "Autobiography," "Hymn For the Thundergod," and "Kith Song."

Chapbook consists of 20 pages of crisp print on 5 sheets of high quality paper, with vintage custom stationary end papers and a premium cardstock cover. Binding is saddle-stitching with various fibers including 100% wool or silk thread.

This edition is a limited run of 50 copies and the design will not be duplicated; each copy is numbered.

These won't last long, folks.

Sold Out


Wyndreth/SavageDaughter/Shieldmaid Wisconsin

Karen Kahan has been writing and performing original works including Viking-Age Norse-styled music and poetry as Wyndreth Berginsdottir, Savage Daughter, and A Shieldmaid, since the early 90s.

Performing largely a capella and with as little processing as possible to capture the candid honesty of oral tradition, she invites you to close your eyes, imagine the great-hall, and listen.
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